Gone Skiing

Gone Skiing

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Paul Newman Reclining


Fridge Friends

Cool Fridge FriendsWhen your amazing friend Videogirl from Montreal who you stayed with in 2008 sends you a picture that you’re still on the fridge. Chilling out with our mate Andy Warhol. Montreal had the best old film booths. Oh Jen I need to see you again. 

Doorstep Death 

Black Night Through Window





Jane Howard - Marcus WoodcockMarcus Woodcock, Jane Howard – Daft Pumpk Halloween.

Yep. Happy Halloween

Yep. Happy HalloweenNo fake blood here suckers!


CosmosA bloody accident on bloody Halloween?

“Honey, the kids are looking a bit green?”

As they drove back from New Covent Garden Market in the middle of the night. 


One of my favourite paintings. Marrano (The Secret Jew) 1976

Phone Philosophy

Phone Philosophy“It was really great talking you Andy, I’ve gotta go to work now but you’re right, making money is art. And working is art and good business is the best art. Speak to you later, bye!”


Kitty Finer, Jane HowardPhoto taken by popEstatesPhotography. Thank you for documenting!

Post Performance Vorticism

Post Performance VorticismPost Performance with Kitty finer.


Tomorrow....Assisting Kitty Finer with a painting performance at The Horse Hospital, celebrating Vorticism.




Join us for an evening of performance, film and music, emanating angularly from the two seminal issues of BLAST magazine, the publication produced by the Vorticists, an avant-garde, modernist movement which emerged in London in 1914. They established their HQ, the Rebel Art Centre was a couple of streets away on Gt. Ormond Street.

The movement was announced in 1914 in the first issue of BLAST, which contained its manifesto and the movement’s rejection of landscape and nudes in favour of a geometric style tending towards abstraction.

The Vorticism group began with the Rebel Art Centre, which is a couple of streets away from us, which Wyndham Lewis and others established after disagreeing with Omega Workshops founder Roger Fry, and has roots in the Bloomsbury Group, Cubism and Futurism. Lewis himself saw Vorticism as an independent alternative to Cubism, Futurism and Expressionism

Though the style grew out of Cubism, it was deeply in love with the embrace of dynamism, the machine age and all things modern as articulated ideologically by the Futurists.

This evening is part of the Bloomsbury Festival


Hang a Shadow

Hanger Shadow

Marcus Woodcock

Marcus WoodcockCelebrating Marcus’ Birthday at the disco.

Birthday Menu

 Made a grey cloth bound, gold stamped menu birthday card for Marcus. Dishy.

O Mary!


Birthday Nose Job

nose 2
Hilarious mise en scene.

Birthday Celebrations 

High in the sky.

Good Piece

Good PieceWith Tracey at Frieze, looking at Ibid Gallery’s Rodrigo Matthaeus piece.  Plus a token ‘exhibitor shot’ that I like to grab each year.

I’ve kissed Elvis

I Kissed ElvisSaid the Cola Cola bottle to Marcus Woodcock.

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#Paris #snacks #sunshine #wine

Pomelo in Paris

Pomelo in Paris

Happy Birthday Jen!

Thank you for the video you sent me from your jacuzzi in Gran Canaria. You’re a movie star! Many more cinematic scenes to play out in this lifetime sweetheart! Jennifer Maber